Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Munchy's and Corsair Triple Smoke

You can't beat a few days off. I've taken the opportunity to hit some places I have been meaning to try. It's been a good year for sandwiches in Nashville. From new grilled cheese joints to steak sandwich specialists there have been a number of bright spots on the scene.

Munchy's is a little take-out spot across the street from Fisk University. We watched with amusement as the sign went up (that has to be the perfect bad name for a place across the street from a college) and didn't think much more until we started to hear some rumblings about the prime rib sandwich. The rest of the menu is pretty typical take-out fare. It's the smoker that gets the attention. The prime rib sandwich is a simple affair: a buttered and grilled  white bun topped with a thin slice of prime rib. It's well done and yet still juicy and tender. There's just the right amount of seasoning and a little fat for more flavor. It's a damn good sandwich. The baked beans on the side were pretty average. I'd be interested to see what they do with ribs. The rest we'll probably leave for the college kids.

My lovely and thoughtful mother-in-law (with some directional help from the Veggie Eater) gave me a bottle of Corsair Triple Smoke Malt Whiskey for Christmas. I only have one word to describe it: exceptional. The whiskey boasts cherry, beechwood and peat smoked barley and those flavors come out in a remarkably distinct fashion. How the Corsair boys have managed to pack so many different tastes into one whiskey is beyond me. It has a thin start, complex middle and a thick finish. The smokiness is almost akin to a small batch scotch, although less overwhelming to my taste. So far, we've had absinthe, gin and the triple smoke from Corsair Artisan. I can't say how excited we are to have them distilling in Nashville now as well. The Triple Smoke is still produced in Bowling Green, but they've got other stuff cooking at the Nashville site. We'll have to get down to the tap room soon to see what they have going. A reminder you can get a decent selection of microbrew beers in the tap room. They don't have the ability to serve booze samples yet. They are still working on logistics for some sort of a liquor tasting room (most likely off-site from the distillery due to laws.)

1734 Jefferson Street

Corsair Artisan Nashville


mIKES said...


Look at Corsair's Facebook page - they have photos of the finished sampling room in the Marathon building location. The sampling room is indeed separate from the distillery - by about 25 to 30 feet? They knocked a hole in a wall and have the space that looks into the courtyard.

Eric and Katie said...

mIKES: That looks very cool...I love the look of the bar. I hope they can get things going with Metro to get it open soon. hey Corsair guys...keep us up to date when you do set an opening!

Beth said...

I had that Triple Smoke in a drink at Holland House a few weeks ago and really enjoyed. It's definitely very interesting and compex!

Eric and Katie said...

Beth: yeah, that whiskey would fit right in with the Holland House drink style. I'll have to try one with the Meester burger soon.