Sunday, December 5, 2010

Top 3 for Fall 2010

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Top 3 for Fall 2010

We love fall in the South and this one provided plenty of sunshine. That got us out in search of some new spots to eat. One of our Top 3 was an unexpected delight, another a long anticipated expansion and the third a further step in the right direction. Without any further ado we present our Top 3 picks for fall 2010.

1. Peter Chinn’s Korean Barbecue Taco
Normally, a restaurant moving within just a few months of opening would be a sign of trouble. In the case of Peter Chinn’s Korean Barbecue Taco it was a good thing. Nothing against Bordeaux- there’s plenty of great food to be had in the neighborhood. But it seems like most of the Peter Chinn’s regulars were driving pretty far afield to get their kimchi taco fix. The move to the Vanderbilt area was lightning fast and didn’t seem to hurt Peter Chinn’s one bit. The addition of dining room seating was a big factor in the move, according to the owners. The kimchi bulgogi taco is outstanding and the kogi beef short rib taco is tender, charred goodness . Not the most extensive vegetarian selection: kimchi or kimchi really. The addition of burgers and milkshakes may make good business sense given the location. What it means for the continued creativity of the menu will have to be seen.

2. Mas Tacos
Dedication to fresh, quality ingredients and a refusal to participate in mass production make Mas Tacos, the land location, just as good, if not better in the options, than the original taco truck (which still chugs around town on weekends.) The soups are simply spectacular and each taco is crafted to blend particular flavors and textures. No one taco has the exact same toppings and that’s a rarity in the taco biz. Things are a bit limited in Veggie Eater land. Those elotes (Mexican roasted corn) rock and there is always at least one veggie taco and an interesting special or two simmering in the back.

3. Ginger
This is not your average Thai food. Ginger kicks it up a notch with deep curries and distinct flavors. The house made udon noodles are a creamy treat and the green curry complex and fiery. They have plenty of options for the Veggie Eater and tofu is always a substitute on request if needed. Make sure you try the house specialty desserts.


sjp said...

Re veggie options, Peter Chinn's now has a delicious tofu taco. It is really quite good. Last week, my meat-eating friend even stated that it may be her favorite amongst all of the taco options...

Eric and Katie said...

Excellent news sjp..thanks for the heads up!

mIKES said...

Sooo - the folks that run Ginger? From Connecticut are they? Nancy Vienneau di a write up in the Tennessean today and offered a link:


Now click on the link to the PDF of their menu.
Check that street address and area code :-)
I did this before I finished my first cuppa today, ha.

Eric and Katie said...

mIKES: Yeah, I noticed that too. Pretty weird. My new favorite is a Joelton restaurant that doesn't have a phone number or the address of the restaurant on their web site. It's amazing any of these places survive given the marketing issues. I guess news of good food still travels best via word of mouth.

Marianna said...

So. Word on the street is that Peter's is no longer open. Is this true? Please say no!

Eric and Katie said...

Marianna: The Peter Chinn's location near Mellow Mushroom shut down in December. They're supposed to open a new location further down 21st avenue, towards Hillsboro Village. No word on the status of that operation.