Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Village Pub Update, Help for Jamaicaway, Pizza on Charlotte and Crabs on Fourth

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Village Pub Update, Help for Jamaicaway, Pizza on Charlotte and Crabs on Fourth

We had to get back to the Village Pub. The Riverside Village bar has been adding items to the simple menu and quite frankly we’ve always dined outdoors on the lively, wrap-around deck. On this chilly Saturday the dark and woody bar room was warm, cozy and the perfect spot for lunch. We came specifically for the pretzel sandwiches that everyone has been talking about. We were not disappointed. The Silke’s Bakery pretzel buns provide a salty, crisp shell and doughy interior for a different accompaniment to blackened chicken, bratwurst and even a veggie burger. This day the special was a gyro meat pretzel sandwich. The two paired well, aided by some fresh lettuce and tomato. The tzatziki yogurt sauce is a bit bland. Still, it’s a good sandwich and when washed down with a sweet and malty Yazoo Fall Fest Ale (this is probably our favorite Yazoo) an enjoyable lunch.

Veggie Eater: The only veggie friendly stuffed pretzel option is a veggie burger. It is made from a restaurant grade Morningstar Farms veggie burger. This tofu disk is elevated by the delightful Silke’s pretzel bun, lime mayo, and optional addition of caramelized onions and pepper jack cheese. Apparently the owner’s wife is a vegetarian as well. My only wish is that they offered a more inventive veggie friendly stuffed pretzel option and/or more veggie options in general, but I’ll happily return again.

Meat Eater: This visit convinces us that the Village Pub is a good place to hoist a couple of beers and have something to eat- summer or winter. We paid $37 with tax and tip for two, huge 24-ounce beers and the two sandwiches.

Friends of Jamaicaway restaurant in the Nashville Farmers Market are holding a benefit Saturday to help the struggling business.  Jamaicaway was closed for weeks after the flooding in May. The benefit will be held this Saturday, December 11 from 6pm-9pm. Admission will be $25 for a buffet dinner and live music. They are one of our favorite restaurants and we hope folks will get out there to give them a hand. If you can’t go Saturday try and get out there for lunch soon. This is a link to our review:
NY Pie is a new pizza place open in West Nashville at 6800 Charlotte Pike. The web site promises fresh dough and a brick oven. Barbecue chicken and Mexicano pizza has us wondering about authenticity claims, but hell if it tastes good, call it whatever you would like. The menu also pitches calzones, stromboli and subs. We’ll be by soon to check it out.

Meanwhile, downtown offers up a joint called the Grilled Cheese and Crab Cake Company at 160 Fourth Avenue. We can’t find a working phone number, so we haven’t been able to ask them if they are associated with the restaurant by the same name in Somers Point, N.J. If you have hit either of these two spots and have a scouting report, please check in.


Lesley said...

I drove past NY Pie Saturday and it did not appear to be open yet. I'm eager to see if it lives up to claims, though!

nancy at good food matters said...

yes, Eric, they are originally from NJ and relocated here, they have 5 kids and decided that the quality of life is better in Nashville.

I haven't been there yet---will give them a few weeks to get up to speed---but I've heard good things.

Anonymous said...

This is going to be near the Bank of America or across the street near the bowling alley (as I hum Dylan's "The Man in Me")
I have to learn the Annex Ave "back" way to get there to avoid the ever growing Charlotte gridlock.


Eric and Katie said...

Thanks for the tips folks! Yes, Lesley I'm with you...hoping we might get some real NYC pizza. Nancy, thanks for the update. That sounds really hopeful...we'll try to get down to the joint in the next couple of weeks. mIKES- I agree traffic is getting to be nuts down there. We do quite a bit of shopping there and Annex Ave looks like a good solution.

Eric and Katie said...

Also mIKES: did you see that the state restaurant scores are coming back in the new year? The Tennessean has a story today.

John H. said...

I work in the U.S. Bank building right beside the Crab Cakes/Grilled Cheese place -- haven't been there yet, but some colleagues have. They really like it, with one transplanted New Englander saying the crab cakes are quite good (full of crab, not filler).

mIKES said...

Eric / Kate I sure did see the headlines in the Tennessean. What is remarkable is the cause of the problem.

Eric and Katie said...

More good reasons to check out the Crab Cake Company...thanks John H. mIKES...yes, once again the State manages to bewilder.

Lesley said...

I'm fortunate to live in the adjoining neighborhood to the Charlotte/Annex intersection. It's very easy. You can actually take backroads all the way from Trader Joe's there! Hillwood runs from Harding Rd over and Post Road as well as several others cut through the neighborhood from White Bridge Road if you prefer.

Eric and Katie said...

Lesley: Ah, a back route to Trader Joe's is cool in and of itself. I don't find the traffic too horrible on Charlotte yet, but with all the development there it will only get worse. Thanks for the tips!