Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Simplicity at No. 308

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Simplicity at No. 308

Our first look at the new East Nashville bar No. 308 has us thinking of the ultimate retro rec room bar. Owners Alexis Soler and Ben Clemons have decorated in a clean, sleek, and spare 50’s hipster style. The lofty ceiling gives the room a wide-open and airy feel. You’ll need to put in some work getting up on the tractor seat bar stools and once up there you may want to stay a while. The bar is super-high and a dismount is best performed carefully. Luckily, the skilled and friendly staff will help you pick cocktails to sip on the lofty heights. The pisco sour has an excellent consistency. The house made syrup mixers (with on the spot carbonation) make a simple whiskey and ginger a real revelation. The drink menu is straight to the point and that seems like a blessing in these days of fifty page monsters. The small plate food line-up is also stripped down. We enjoyed far too many of those plates, ranging from expertly fried yam chips with sorghum aoili to a nicely dressed steak salad.

They’re still waiting on a beer license, so right now it’s high gravity only, a bit pricier and packing more of a wallop. As with similar establishments you can go wild and spend a bunch of dough (which we did) or pick and choose a more cost conscious route. The $5 Bukowski boilermaker is a shot of Four Roses bourbon and Carlsberg Elephant as the short glass beer chaser. That’s a damn good deal and just one of the many writer themes in this tavern ode to subversive literature. Those writers would probably feel right at home in this particular neighborhood (and especially at Dino’s). Here’s hoping No. 308 can start a new trend for the area (although please leave us Dino’s). We’ll gladly make our way back and have a full review soon.

They just put the menu up on their Facebook page. Visit the website to connect: www.bar308.com

No. 308
407 Gallatin Avenue


a photo a day said...

the Brother Jon is amazing, made with celery juice which is surprisingly flavorful and naturally sweet.