Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why? Frequently Asked Questions

Nashville Restaurants and Food
Frequently Asked Questions

From time to time people have questions about the Nashville Restaurants blog. Here are a few answers:

1. You seem to post at 5 a.m., are you insomniacs?

We have had the blog time set for Pacific Time. This has been adjusted. Sadly though, we are often up at 5 a.m., although not usually blogging. We have a funny farm and the animals are quite demanding.

2. If Katie, the Veggie Eater, is a pesco-lacto-ovo vegetarian (which means she eats eggs, cheese and occasionally fish, but never meat) why do you only have two vegetarian restaurants listed?

We will only list a restaurant as vegetarian if the entire menu is vegetarian (and yes, we are missing one long-time Nashville favorite and hope to correct that soon). While we would love to see more entirely vegetarian restaurants in Nashville, we think the real value of the blog is in helping scout joints that have decent vegetarian options.

3. Why do you keep using the word “joint” to describe restaurants?

We have been kidnapped by a group of 50’s beat poets and it has affected our language.

4. Why does the Veggie Eater only chime in on some reviews?

The Meat Eater really digs barbecue and figures it will preserve the marriage by not forcing his wife to watch him eat a rack of ribs while she eats cole slaw.

5. Why vegetarian?

20+ plus years ago, Veggie Eater went to a large hog confinement operation in Iowa and noticed that none of the pigs had ears or tails. This is apparently a technique to prevent them from nibbling on one another due to overcrowding. The following week, she found she could not eat the stuffed pork chop before her. Veggie Eater stopped eating meat on that day (save for the exceedingly rare shrimp or scallop deviation when presented with limited options). Alas, the pig farm visit did not have the same impact on Meat Eater. Ultimately, Veggie Eater is an animal nut (see #1 above).

6. How do you maintain a marriage between a Meat Eater and a Veggie Eater?

The Veggie Eater is very understanding and will even help the Meat Eater prepare meat-based meals. The Meat Eater respects the Veggie Eater and her reasons for being vegetarian. Most of the meals we eat at home are vegetarian, except on the weekends when the Meat Eater will usually cook-up some variety of dead beast (mmm…like the West African-style pot roast last weekend). He too is an animal lover and believes that all animals should have a good life, whether they will be eaten or not. We do our best to buy local, free range, and humanely raised meat, eggs and dairy products.

7. Where do you find out about the new and interesting restaurants?

We read plenty of other food blogs. Nashville has a great food blogging community and we’re proud to be a part of that community. Scroll down the right hand side of the screen for some of our favorites. We peruse a bunch of other social media sites for ideas. We also keep track of the traditional media and the fine work done at the Nashville Scene. We appreciate the restaurant stories by Tennessean writers and wish the Tennessean would show Nancy more love, giving her reviews better placement and an opportunity for her to expand. However, the best ideas always come from you, the readers. We get tips all the time. If you have one, drop us a line at the address on the right hand side of the screen.

8. How do you keep posting every week, especially since you are visiting each restaurant twice?

What can we say? We love to eat and we enjoy exploring Nashville. It’s a win-win situation. Thanks for reading the blog and here’s to great meals in 2011!


Joell said...

Thanks to you both for the great work. Finding restaurants with good options for vegetarians, plus the pricing info you provide, is exactly why I read your blog every week!

One feature I'd love to see added one day is nighborhood tags. As a relative newcomer to Nashville, when I'm heading out to a part of town off my beaten track I'd love to be able to look up places you've reviewed in that area.

Joell said...

Thanks for all your great work! Finding places with good options for vegetarians is exactly why I read your blog every week. I also really appreciate the pricing info--very useful for a family on a budget! We have visited several places we might never have known about because of reviews I've read here.

One thing I would love to see added to your posts someday is neighborhood tags. As a relative newcomer to Nashville, when I'm heading out to a part of town that's off my beaten track it would be great to be able to check out places you've reviewed in the area.

Lesley said...

I don't prepare any meat at home and prefer not to have meat in my home (on rare occasions, I will allow it to have some limited residence in the fridge). And that includes all animal flesh, including fish, etc. And Mr. Eats is fine with that. He'd prefer me to cook meat, but likes what I make anyway. And he eats what he wants when he's not at home!

Our biggest issues come up when he orders a meat dish at a restaurant and likes my food better and wants to take it!

Eric and Katie said...

Thanks Joell: Yeah, right now the only one we do is downtown, and that's primarily there for tourists. It would be a good project though...we'll see what we can do. Thanks for reading! Lesley: Mr. Eats is a good man. I think I might cry if I didn't have a steak to cook-up on the weekend. We have some friends who have veggie-meat eater marriages and everyone seems to handle it a bit differently.

Sunny said...

I don't know that I've ever mentioned this, though I've commented on the blog a few times, but I find your blog really helpful because I'm living in a "mixed marriage" of my own. But not quite the same as yours...

My husband keeps kosher. Not super-orthodox kosher, or we wouldn't eat out except for Grins, mind, but he doesn't eat pork, shellfish, or mix meat and dairy. While he will eat meat, in order to avoid mixing meat and dairy, it is often easiest to go veggie. So I've been very grateful to you over the years for finding places that will make both of us (I'm the world's biggest carnivore) happy.

I also appreciate that you two go off the beaten path and explore a lot of ethnic foods -- one of my favorite hobbies as well. And with you to test the waters, my husband and I can venture out to some places he may have been concerned about before.

So, thanks again for all that you do!

Eric and Katie said...

Thanks for reading and commenting Sunny. That's interesting, I guess doing veggie meals would be the best bet for someone trying to keep kosher. The hard part for us is trying to determine what meat or chicken broths might be in a seemingly veggie dish. We usually assume it is a meat or chicken broth and make a point of asking. I would imagine that's the kosher issue as much do you trust that the kitchen keeps things separated. It seems like restaurants have improved quite a bit in the last 15 years in terms of being veggie friendly. Let's hope the trend continues.

Lannae said...

Katie, as we probably have spoken about before, I survived living in a place that was big on industrial pig and chicken complexes, and I stopped eating pig and chicken for years. I did start up eating both again, but pig in limited quantities from specific farms that I know, and limit my intake from restaurants.

Veggie Eater said...

When I became vegetarian many moons ago, there were very few humanely raised meat options available. Had I had ready access to humanely raised meat options at that time, the outcome would have likely been different. At this point, I've been a veggie eater so long, I just don't miss meat.