Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Disco Fries and Mediterranean for Belmont

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Disco Fries and Kalamatas at Belmont

What happens when a bunch of guys from New Jersey open a restaurant in Hendersonville? Disco Fries, that’s what. It’s kind of the poutine of the Garden State. Typically, the Jersey version is dark gravy and mozzarella cheese over steak fries. Nooni’s restaurant serves them up with more of a thin gravy/cheese sauce. It’s still plenty good and perhaps lighter than the original (traditional Canadian poutine combines gravy with cheese curds). The Nooni’s fries are hand-cut and with the skins on, which holds up well next to the gravy-cheese sauce. The Taylor ham, egg and cheese sandwich is also New Jersey diner fare: simple and filling with a grilled doughy bun and a big fried egg. They’re just getting settled in, and the menu has already gone through a bunch of changes. Despite being left off the online menu, they tell me the Disco Fries are still available and you can now get that Taylor ham, egg and cheese on the Dirty Jersey burger. The rest of the offerings are now more pasta-bistro oriented, including a Sunday brunch. It will be interesting to see if they add more Garden State favorites down the road.

260 West Main Street

Kalamatas has its third location up and running, this one across the street from Belmont University. The Green Hills Mediterranean joint also has a Brentwood location. Falafel, hummus and stuffed grape leaves are just a few of the treats you can expect. The new space is at 1703 Portland Avenue across from the Curb Events Center.

1703 Portland Avenue


edKing said...

I took your recommendation about Noonies. It was hard for me to skip Cafe Rakka today (it's a 26 mile drive each way), but Noonies menu looked good. And they backed it up. The Rueben is ridiculous. This is a GREAT lunch spot. These guys from North Jersey really care about what they're putting out there. So keep up the great investigative work, you two.

Eric and Katie said...

Ed: I was just at Cafe Rakka the other day and they're still doing well....I agree with you, hard to drive past the place and not stop in. Glad to hear you enjoyed Nooni's. We'll have to get back for a follow-up visit.

edKing said...

I've had it w/ Kalamatas. I refuse to eat a salad (and my wife has the filet mignon) with birthday-cake-plastic-flatware. We've been to the one in GH 3 times...always take METAL with us. What a pain. And in the new store, they don't have the same salad dressing. And my salad always falls off that small, plastic birthday plate! My goodness, I am grumpy today.

Anybody tried SHISH KABOB on Nolensville Rd.? Wow. Talk about a place that does everything right. Quite impressive. Their wait staff dress up and take the place seriously. They should. Real metal, too. Off topic, I know...just had to mention it seeing as you're writing about Mediterranean food. SHISH KABOB is professional grade!!

Eric and Katie said...

Ed: we've noticed that as well. The dinner ware should match the quality food. Although, we have not yet traveled with metal utensils...kudos on the preparation! And you've convinced us...we will plan on a Shish Kabob trip soon. How were they for vegetarian options?

edKing said...

Vegetarian? HUH?! I'm sure their lamb shank & kubideh ate vegetables at one time! Like Lazziz used to do(I ReALLY miss that place), they start you off w/ a bowl of chicken soup. So I guess that ruins it right there for you vegetarians. Oh come ON...a piece of chicken won't kill you. It's the stuff that Andrew Zimmern eats that will kill you.