Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Alice's Rib Shack

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Alice's Rib Shack

God bless Alice’s Restaurant in Gallatin, well actually it’s Alice’s Rib Shack, but I had to work in the movie reference. It doesn’t get any more down home than this: a squeaky storm door opens to a small room with carpeting, eight chairs and a TV. It’s take-out only and the waiting lounge will give you a chance to meet and greet. Alice Humphrey pokes her head out from a little door to take your order. There’s no counter, really nothing that says restaurant about the place at all. It’s more like Alice’s living room. The hickory smoke billowing from that cooker out back tells the real story. You may even get a wave from the pitmaster as he gives everything a turn.

The spareribs come out as a generous half-slab. They’re straight off the grill and perhaps a tad chewy on this day. But oh, the flavor of these fatty pork treats is excellent. A light rub and nice smoke combine for a well-balanced taste- mellow and flavorful. The sweet and sassy barbecue sauce on the side is pretty darn good and the cole slaw is fresh and tangy. For $12.50 you get the ribs, cole slaw and four pieces of bread. It’s enough food for two meals. Visit Alice and friends at the corner of Franklin and Boyers, a block off the downtown square in Gallatin. They're only open Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Alice’s Rib Shack
207 East Franklin Street


EdKing said...

I have not had a rib since Jimmy Carl's shut down. That was October? Seems longer. Probably won't have a rib til Jimmy Carl's opens back up.

Eric and Katie said...

Wow...that's true commitment. I too hope that they find a new space soon, they were simply too good not to be doing barbecue.