Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Holland Burgers

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Holland Burgers

The Tennessean reports that the owners of the Holland House Bar and Refuge are considering opening an all-burger restaurant just down the street from the Holland House, on McFerrin in East Nashville. They have already set up a Twitter feed about the joint, which will apparently be called "Bonnie Blue's Icehouse". Here is how the Twitter page describes it:

Name Bonnie Blue's
Location East Nashville, TN
Bio Nash's Original Icehouse & Burger Parlor. Outdoor garden seating under the trees, over 15 specialty burgers, Tex-Mex faves, phosphate sodas & cold, cold beer

Do they have the burger skills to make it work? Judging from the Holland House favorite Meester Burger I'd say so. The Meester Burger is apparently an homage to a famously tasty and creative burger joint in Holland. It's wagyu kobe beef cooked perfectly medium rare as a default (they were too slammed  on the night I tried it out to ask what temperature). The sweet flavor of the beef is accented by aioli, cheddar and a hearty, floury Provence whole wheat bun. Sounds like Burger Up will have some competition and as a burger fan (married to a vegetarian that would appreciate more than one veggie option on the upscale burger menu) we say bring it on.


Lannae said...

I think Miranda is a doll, and glad she has a successful biz on 12th Ave S! BUT, yes, spread the love, SO I can finally get a table at Burgher UP! BU is so popular that every evening beginning anywhere between 5 - 6 pm, the line is out the door even in rain and snow. I type the truth, I kid you not. I too like BU and could use a shorter line :) Spread the burger yum!

Eric and Katie said...

Lannae: it sounds like this joint may be a bit more laid back than Burger Up. Hoping the Icehouse thing means an informal beer joint vibe.

HHB&R said...

Erik and Katie: It will be more of a laid back South Texas kind of vibe..not really trying to compete with BU...Nashville has never seen a menu like Bonnie Blue's..imagine everything you loved as a kid, then add margaritas and iced down beer...Looking forward to it..

Eric and Katie said...

That sounds like fun HH folks...thanks for the update! Hey, if you want to give our readers a sneak peak at the menu when it's developed just let us know.