Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Welcome Music City Visitors and Oscar Provisions

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Welcome Visitors

We've noticed a trend on the blog. Traffic spikes significantly when big events come to town. So, for those basketball fans and radio folks in town this week- welcome to Music City. If you're staying downtown take a look at the right hand side of the screen. You'll see a label for downtown that will pull up just restaurants within walking distance of most downtown hotels. If you want to see our choices for the top spots over the last couple of years, check out the label marked "Top 3" that gives our top three new restaurants for each season. Have fun and enjoy your dining!

Oscar Provisions

The locals will recognize most of these good eating destinations. We went foraging for Oscar watching provisions this weekend. First stop: Lazzaroli Pasta in Germantown for the house made mozzarella (creamy and yet firm...a real treat) and peppercorn salami ( we picked up whole wheat linguine for later in the week). Next up: the Nashville Farmers Market. It's amazing to see the change in the Farmers Market over the last eight years. Even during the off season for produce the other vendors still come out. We picked up free range chicken from Emerald Glen Farm and a gallon of milk from JD Country Milk. We eyed the house made sausage and pickled peppers at Barnes Produce. Then, inside we found the International Market selling Swagruha Hot Pickled Cabbage (wow, that is some bold, deep spice and big heat...perfect in small amounts for perking up dishes). A number of vendors have moved inside the Market House with the colder weather including Bloomy Rind (always a select, wonderful cheese line-up) and a place called Doc Braden's creole seafood pies (in mind for a future visit). We bought a mini mushroom and spinach quiche from Foxy Baking Company (super flaky crust and thin). We can't wait for the Farmers Market to get into full swing, but it's well worth a visit now.

We prepared for the rest of our voyage with a spicy meal from Swagruha. They tell us the Brentwood location is still in the works for May.

We finished this shopping trip down at the Bangkok Market, just south of 100 Oaks and the Regal Cinemas and tucked away in a business park at 3207 Powell Avenue. Thanks to Lannae Long and her excellent blog for the tip. She says in her blog that it's a former design business and the decor certainly reflects such. This may be the most stylish grocery shopping in Nashville. Everything is laid out with care and there is actually a pretty good selection of Asian and International groceries and even books and gifts. We picked up a Thai sweet sausage and some jicama.

The Oscars themselves were fairly boring this year, despite the best attempts of James Franco and Anne Hathaway. We did have an excellent mish-mash spread of interesting tastes from all over the Mediterranean (the Veggie Eater made olive hummus) and into Asia. Great food always helps make Oscar Night a good time.


Marc said...

Any idea if that Bankok Market would have Sichuan pepper? Any idea where I can get some in Nashville?

nm said...

Lazzaroli has started making their own mozzarella? O.M.G.

Eric and Katie said...

Marc: I'm not sure. It's a decent selection of stuff, but nowehere near as big as K and S on Nolensville Road, which has been our usual Asian food stop. nm: yes, I believe they only offer the fresh house made mozz on Saturdays, but I would be wrong. It's pretty good fact we just has it on hummus and avocado sandwiches last night. Lazzaroli rocks.

Anonymous said...


I've been looking allover Nashville without any luck. I've tried K&S on Nolensville & Charlotte without success as well as Inter-Asian on Nolensvlle.

The search continues..

Marc said...

I have also struck out at K&S on Charlotte; also at International Market in the Farmers' Market.

Eric and Katie said...

Lannae usually has a pretty good feel for what's available might leave a comment on her blog to see if she has any ideas. The link is in the body of the story.

Lannae said...

Glad you made it to the Bangkok Market. The interior design so nice, and I have to agree with you that this is the most stylish grocery shopping I have ever done. So, as long as this shop has comparable prices to other Asian markets, it is my Asian market of choice (being so close to my house reducing my carbon emissions too). I love how neat everything is too. I like the lighting too.

Lannae said...

Marc, the last try for Sichuan peppers in town would be Wang's Market on 3rd Ave North in the Germantown area, at though I have never seen them there. Wang's is the only Chinese owned market I know of. The rest of the Asian markets are Laotion or Korean owned, they would not carry Sichuan peppers. But, where I got my Sichuan Peppers is Penzey's online (I think there is a Penzey's store front in the Memphis Germantown area).