Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Dog of Nashville

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The Dog of Nashville
2127 Belcourt Avenue

Let’s go straight to the instant replay. Walk-up and the patio is jumping: A birthday party of little girls is happily munching away, college kids brave the daylight in sunglasses and a guy dressed in khakis and a blazer sits next to his well-coiffed wife. Inside, the counter folks keep things moving along nicely. Make your order and grab a seat. Be sure to take note of the ceiling plastered with the flattened cartons of Chicago Vienna dogs and the well loved d├ęcor, which speaks to the popularity of the place since it’s only been open a few years. In a rush, a staff member comes hustling out of the kitchen yelling your name and then it’s game time.

The chili dog is a long hot dog on a traditional mushy bun, loaded up with sticky chili and shredded cheese. It hits the spot and the stickiness of the chili keeps it from running down your hand. Next up to the plate is a pretty-looking corn dog with a doughnut like batter: super crisp, sweet and excellent. Move over to the house made potato chips coated in buffalo sauce: oddly cold and a little moist and yet with good flavor. We’re going to declare this an error and surmise that, judging from the rest of the team, it doesn’t happen often. The jalapeno Dog Bites are simply hot, fried fun. End of the first inning and the crowd is quite satisfied.

Next batter up and we have the Rise and Shine dog. It’s breakfast time at the ballpark and the snap of the bacon on top of the dog is a little strange at first. Combined with the fried egg and old fashion cheese sauce on top, it all comes together for a solid hit. That egg splits open and it starts to get messy and even better tasting- call it extra bases. Cole slaw is good pinch hitter and with an interesting background flavor. Chunky onion rings are straightforward veterans, with a thick batter and a good fry.

The rest of the line-up at the Dog of Nashville is quite creative: Redneck Dog with bacon chili and jalapenos; Y’all Dog with polish sausage, French bread and house made Dijon; Diet Starts Tomorrow Dog, a deep fried hot dog topped with bacon and cheese sauce and if you have a vegetarian on the team the Not Dog comes served on a whole wheat bun.

Veggie Eater: Let me preface the review by stating that even when I ate meat (more the 20 years ago), I never was a hot dog fan. I don’t really understand the mass appeal of them. That being said, this really is a pretty enjoyable eatery. The veggie dog was well grilled, picking up flavor and texture. Since there are so many condiment options, you really can dress it up any way you like and have something very different every time. I opted for peppers, onions, mushrooms, and a slice of cheese. Given the sheer number of toppings, along with other options (they serve burgers which can also be subbed with a veggie burger); this place allows a Veggie Eater to keep a Meat Eater content without great sacrifice.

Meat Eater: Come on, absolutely no effort in keeping the baseball theme going Veggie Eater. You’re out. Ah well, you can create a fantasy league combo dog by choosing from 25 different toppings including: cream cheese, mushrooms, guacamole and the usual assortment of peppers. About the only other menu items, aside from those tasty sides, are a few burgers and yes, they have a veggie option for that as well. We’ll play ball with these folks any day.

We paid $26 with tax and tip for one visit and I paid $11.50 on a solo venture.

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Anonymous said...

Yipe! $26 for a couple of hotdogs? Does that come with a ball game?

Anonymous said...

No access for people with disabilities despite being told about it. So much for civil rights of people with dis a Olivier that might like to judge for themselves!