Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sax Deli

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Sax Deli
260 West Main Street

Update 7/12: Sax Deli has moved down the street to the City Square shopping center on West Main Street. They tell us they have much more room now, which they have needed for some time.

Restaurant simplicity: attention to every ingredient and attention to every customer. If you stay focused it’s a pretty good business model and one that seems to be working for Sax Deli in Hendersonville. It’s in a location that is easy to overlook. The mini strip mall is tucked away, just off of Main Street, and has hosted a revolving door of eateries. Make a point of finding it- Sax Deli knows how to do sandwiches.

The house made corned beef is super-tender and pairs well with the house made Russian dressing for the Sax Reuben. Provence marble-rye bread, Swiss cheese and quality sauerkraut are all pressed just right into an excellent sandwich. The hot brown Panini is more sandwich than the traditional Kentucky creation. It works, thanks to crunchy bacon, a light parmesan cheese spread and smoked turkey. The wheat berry bread is also well pressed for a warm consistency. The Sax Burger is a thick 1/3 pound patty on a brioche-style bun. It’s a simple, juicy backyard burger in the finest tradition.

Sides get attention at Sax as well. The baked beans are exceptional and full of complex spice and what seems to be brown sugar. The French onion soup is so loaded with bread and cheese that it is almost hard to call a soup, and yet it has a deep, rich flavor, quite frankly surprising for a deli. The rough-cut thin and crispy French fries come in a paper bag and are a highlight of any visit. Even Cole slaw is a bit different than what you might expect: light and with a subtle tang.

Veggie Eater: Given the fact that the menu has really only one veggie sandwich item, aptly named the Veggie Sandwich, I opted for this. It is chock full of lettuce, cukes, avocado, tomatoes, onions, and provolone. The hearty wheatberry bread is then smeared lightly with a chipotle spread. Pair this with the hand cut fries and you have a fabulous, simple lunch. I’m pretty sure if you wanted to alter an existing meat sub on the menu to make it a veggie version that they would be happy to accommodate. A few more veggie menu items or a make your own option would make this more veggie friendly.

Meat Eater: Service is welcoming, attentive and fast. The little place has only six tables and take-out is a big part of the business. Still, it’s kind of fun eating with a bustling lunch service going on all around you. Okay, now for my only complaint: Sax Deli has perhaps one of the worst restaurant websites I have ever witnessed. Please do not visit the website before you visit the restaurant- the pictures of the food are some generic pictures an amateur web designer found online. It does not do the business justice in the least. Take the trip to Hendersonville and get a sandwich. The rest will speak for itself.

We paid $16 with tax on a lunch visit for two. I paid $10 on one solo lunch and $7 on another solo visit.

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ThenAndAgain said...

I LOVE SAX! Sandwiches are wonderful, Sax o' Fries are to die for, and the Folks behind the counter are the BEST!

edKing said...

Could you two find a more out-of-the-way place than this?! If you recommend it...I'll try it. That's how I found Cafe paying attention to you folks.

Very good review. My wife and I had the Rachael (like the Rueben but with pastrami). It was excellent. Couldn't quite find the 'tang' in the cole slaw (rather bland) but the baked potato salad was excellent as were the fries. Fudge brownies had just come out of the oven and my wife was quite please with that.

Then someone at the next table ordered a cheeseburger...and I began coveting pretty bad. Looked GREAT. The perfect size on a perfect bun. We'll have to go back now. WHY can't we have a great sandwich shop on Charlotte Pike in W. Nashville? WHY?!?!?!?!

Eric and Katie said...

Ed: Couldn't agree more...we need more great sandwich places in Nashville. The Sax folks do it well.

Anonymous said...

Long before reaching the end of your write-up and the warning not to visit the website first, I read your description of their french onion soup and clicked over to the website..

It's now nothing but a placeholder page by I was worried--still am, that the restaurant may have already folded (Note to self: read this blog more regularly!)

I will have to make the trek to verify its continued presence, and hopefully dig into a decent bowl of french onion (after recently injesting the dreck from Panera)

Please restaurant owners, (and business-owners in general) Hang up whenever you get cold-called about building a website for you! Build it yourself with free online tools, or pay a high schooler $50 to do it for you, the results may be mediocre, but will still be superior to what the phone jockeys will ever do.

Eric and Katie said...

anon...I was next door just the other day and I swear it was open. Hopefully they just got a clue and decided to build a real site. meanwhile check out the facebook page..which looks reasonably active:

robyn blaikie collins said...

i don't have enough ways to tell you how good the food at Sax's Deli is... the fries are amazing. the cheeseburgers and grilled cheese sandwiches are ridiculous... the staff is warm.

do yourself a favor and go to sax's for lunch.
it will be your first of many visits.