Thursday, June 16, 2011

Midweek: Joey's House of Pizza Moving, Farmers Market Shade

Joey's House of Pizza is often cited as one of the best pizza joints in the Nashville area, especially for East Coast-style pie. Now they're reporting on their facebook page that they are closing the Brentwood location and moving to 897 Elm Hill Pike in South Nashville, near I-24 and Murfreesboro Road. It's formerly the home of Elvy's Deli and not that far from Boswell's Harley Davidson. The Nashville Fork blog broke the news, which is devestating to the Brentwood fans and a boon for folks downtown and in East Nashville. Apparently there is no change to the Spring Hill location.

We're glad to report that West Nashville Farmer's Market organizers Good Food for Good People have worked out a deal with the Metro Parks Department and will be able to move the market back to the shaded area under the trees in Richland Park. They had been forced to the other side of the Richland Park Library, with no shade or trees, due to a neighbor complaint. Kudos to Good Food for Good People for overcoming another challenge and keeping one of Nashville's best Farmers Markets thriving in the shade.


Pete said...

We live a few miles away from the new Joey's location, I'm certainly excited to have a place close to our house that's not fast food.

I really hope they do well in that locations, it's very industrial and not much else around. The closest residential is a few miles away.

Eric and Katie said...

Pete: I agree, not much residential, but a fair amount of businesses in the area and if Rolling Mill Hill ever takes off, perhaps not bad for the future.

Lannae said...

I did not see that on the Joey's FB page, but I trust you they are moving. WHY? Lease issues? Interesting idea to move from MF where there are a ton of of lunch traffic, and the dinner pie take away traffic. Also, what is at out at Elm Hill Pike? Will people go there?

Anonymous said...

You would think that to get an idea of the new location you could just google it and use street view. Nope. That stretch of Elm Hill Pike is like the .0001% of Nashville NOT included in street view. That's Karma for you.


Pete said...


They area is completely industrial, hopefully they’ll get some sort of a lunch business. Other than that, there’s nothing else close by except a Wendy’s, a gas station, and a few other fast food restaurants. The closest residential is a few miles away and either direction.

Lannae said...

Thanks Pete. I now need to find a reason to get over to Elm Hill pk and get a whole pizza pie!