Sunday, June 12, 2011

Top 3 for Spring 2011

Nashville Restaurants and Food
Top 3 for Spring 2011

Spring was a slow period for restaurant growth in Nashville. The good news is that there seems to be less places closing down and there are a couple of interesting spots that have just opened. We have one standout full-service restaurant and a couple of excellent sandwich joints to talk about for this Spring Top 3 list.

1. Shish Kabob

The falafel alone would rank Shish Kabob of our favorite new joints in Nashville. Hikmat Gazi has created a menu of familiar favorites and more obscure items to explore. Delicate soups with carefully defined flavors, joined with authentic appetizers and a line-up of well-seasoned meats make for an excellent dinner. The falafel is made from an imported spice mixture and the attention to ingredients is clear throughout the restaurant.

2. Sax Deli

There’s something elegant about a well-made sandwich. At best it should be simple, tasty and to the point. Sax Deli understands. Whether it is tender corned beef or the crunch of crispy bacon on top of smoked turkey, the ingredients shine at Sax Deli. The tiny sandwich shop would be welcome anywhere and it’s a real treat in the underserved Hendersonville.

3. Sugar’s Cuban Bakery

The Cuban sandwich seems to be popping up all over the place. The combo of pork roast, ham and cheese, is pressed to a melting consistency. About the best version around can be found at Sugar’s Bakery in Madison. They bake the bread and press the sandwich perfectly for a crisp shell and gooey interior. It’s a great sandwich and the few others on the line-up are quite good as well. They’re promising to expand the menu soon to add new sandwiches and some sides. While you’re in for lunch pick up some of the cookies and a Café Cubano for a little afternoon wake-up call.


Matt said...

I too have been a big fan of Shish Kabob, however recently I think the food quality has gone down. I am not sure of this but I think business is slow.

Pete said...

A big group of us tried out Sugar’s this past weekend, since we had such a big group they ran out of the roasted pork for 3 of our sandwiches, no biggie.

I did get a chance to try the Cuban and I really loved the bread and the roasted pork, however, the ham was really another issue and I had to pull it off the sandwich. I think since we had such a large group they may have rushed the process a bit which resulted in the cheese not fully melting. A friend also tried the Havana party which was just ham and store bought pesto, I was a bit disappointed to see that they did not make their own pesto.

Our favorite part of the meal was the guava and cream cheese pastry. It was flaky with a nice warm filling that went perfectly with the café con leche. I’m sure I’ll be back in the future with a much smaller group to sample the rest of the menu.