Friday, July 15, 2011

Weekend: Green Asia, Butter Cake and Arnold’s Latest

Nashville Restaurants and Food
Weekend: Green Asia, Butter Cake and Arnold’s Latest

The Nashville Farmers’ Market is feeling like a hopping place again. Most of the work from flood repair is done, including a new demonstration kitchen, and several new spots have opened recently. We had a first look at them this week.

AM@FM is Arnold Myint’s latest enterprise. It’s basically an outpost of his restaurant Cha Chah, serving sandwiches and side dishes. He says they’re sourcing some ingredients right out of the Farmers’ Market. The sandwiches are pre-made at Cha Chah. It’s basically inventive Southern picnic fare with an international twist. We enjoyed the fresh snap of the veggies in the hummus naan sandwich. Rosemary macaroni salad hit the spot and while the smoked mustard potato salad showed possibilities, on this day the potatoes were undercooked. As usual, it all features Arnold’s lighter touch in seasoning. While it’s designed as a grab and go place they also have a little counter for people to get those sandwiches on real serving ware, which gives it a mini-restaurant feel. We found Mr. Myint working hard on the day we visited. He clearly wants to make sure the new joint lives up to expectations. The prices are quite reasonable, all adding up to an excellent addition to the Market House restaurants.

Green Asia takes over the Chinese food options at the Farmers’ Market. The menu items on the serving line span many of the typical Chinese-American standards, with Japanese items apparently coming soon. Chef Jackie Liu of Sake in Cool Springs has put some thought into the quality of ingredients and cooking style. It’s definitely better than your usual local Chinese take-out joint. Lo Mein noodles are served al dente and the sauce is delicate. Garlic chicken is also quite familiar and yet a bit better. They had several vegetarian items available with the promise of more in the future. Nothing ground breaking here and yet still a welcome upgrade in the Asian food offerings at the Farmers’ Market.

We finished it off with Butter Cake from none other than the Butter Cake Babe. Her creations are kind of like chess pie meets coffee cake in an armed buttery standoff. She offers several flavors and we found the original to be moist and decadent. On finishing, we felt a need to empty our pockets and buy more. She serves up other baked goods and coffee to fill another important slot in the Farmers’ Market line-up.

You can check them all out tonight at the Night Farmer’s Market from 6:30pm to 8:30pm! See the facebook page for details on other vendors who will be participating in the special night event.

Nashville Farmers’ Market
Market House
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Chris said...

Will you guys be at the Night Market tonight?

Eric and Katie said...

Actually we have tickets to a Sounds game tonight Chris. Hope to make it to the next one.

jolie ayn said...

Thanks for the shout, Eric & Katie! :0) Next Night Market 8/19-hope you can make it!!!

jolie ayn said...

Thanks for the support & shout out Eric & Katie! Hope you can make next Night Market--it's 8/19. Stay cool! :0)

Eric and Katie said...

Thanks Jolie...always glad to support the Farmers' Market!

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys, We bought some fabulous shrimp and snowy grouper from the Louisiana Seafood Company! Its worth a try for the meat eater. -Pickeled and Fried

Eric and Katie said...

Hey guys...yes, we had some great shrimp from them recently as well. It's awesome having fresh seafood back at the Farmers' Market.