Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Midweek: Ifuku and Southern Bred RIP

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Midweek: Ifuku and Southern Bred RIP
One of the great restaurant names in Nashville is no more, and it only lasted a few short weeks. Yes, ladies and gentlemen Ifuku is no longer Ifuku. Owner Nicole Tran came up with the memorable name after taking over the former Pho Yen Hoa location at 5821 Charlotte Pike. While many of us were instantly bemused by the name, apparently the folks at the Head Start children’s center across the street were not fans. The wait staff tells us that the complaints prompted the name change to Hieu Giang. While we are bummed that we never had a chance to eat at Ifuku, we can report that they serve a good bowl of pho at Hieu Giang. The joint is billed as an Asian restaurant, but quite frankly with a menu that includes fajitas, Caesar and Greek salads, Kim Chi and Mandarin Chicken, we think they’re selling themselves short. Most of the menu however, is Vietnamese. If you haven’t heard of Ifuku and think we are crazy you can still visit their facebook page.

Southern Bred on Trinity Lane featured one of the city’s better bread basket starters and offered an elevated meat and three menu. The comfort food they served certainly lived up to the promise. This week we learned that the owners are calling it quits, at least for the brick and mortar restaurant. Owner Sharon Johnson has done catering for years and according to the Tennessean that will continue. I can still taste that country fried steak. Mmmmm. Good luck on future ventures.


Carrie said...

You might have already noted this (as I have no idea when it happened) but I noticed today that Tom's Elite Carry-Out on Gallatin is closed. I saw a sign for Porter Road Butcher in the window? Does that mean they're going to move in there instead of, you know, on Porter Road where they had originally planned?

Carrie said...

Haha - never mind, I JUST saw the story on Nashville Bites. Carry on.

Eric and Katie said...

Yes, the Porter Road Butcher thing looks pretty cool.

Edking said...

Southern Bred...The only place in town where I can get a really, really good WHITE gravy w/ my fried chicken or chicken fried steak...is going to close. I never had a bad meal here. Maybe the Johnson's have just had enough. Business always looked good to me but owning a restaurant has got to be the most aggravating proposition on earth (besides law enforcement) especially at that age.

I hope they enjoy their retirement. They're really good people. I am going to miss so many things about this place. BUMMER!!!!!!! My dining options are SHRINKING all the time. AAARRRGGHHHH!!!!