Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Midweek: The Pharmacy and Five Points First Visit

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Midweek: The Pharmacy and Five Points First Visit

The Holland House folks are getting ready to open their newest venture this fall. The "Pharmacy Burger Parlor & Beer Garden" is located just around the corner from Holland House. It’s a stylish renovation with a huge beer garden space. The Anderson Design Group worked on the retro logo (very cool) and describe the concept on their blog as “Southwestern/German beer garden”. That certainly sounds interesting.

Holland House co-owner Terry Raley has been talking about the progress on the Pharmacy facebook page. From outward appearances and recent posts it looks like they are getting closer. It sounds like a great concept and we’re looking forward to the opening sometime this fall.

We had our first taste of the new Five Points Pizza in East Nashville. It certainly looks and feels like an East Coast pizza joint. The paper plates and napkins reinforces that feel…although, who knows, it could be a recent opening kind of thing. The pies are perhaps a tad thicker than the typical New York style, but still proudly flat and wide. Good ingredients and well-chosen herbs made for a satisfying result on our first go-round. They have a bunch of beer on tap and a number by the bottle. That combination should prove popular with Five Points partiers. The place is well-staffed and trained, all of which will be critical if the demand is what it seems to be thus far. At 11:15 a.m. this Sunday (just 15 minutes after opening) there were already 15 people putting in orders. No take-out quite yet, although that is apparently in the works. We’ll get back in a few weeks and have a review.

Five Points Pizza
1012 Woodland Street


Anonymous said...

Eric, Kate,
When Real NY opened last year there was a mention about pricing, possibly a little too high, etc. But I just checked 5 point menu and I almost fainted. $13.00 for a 14" pie? $16.00 for an 18" pie?
Compare that to $11.50 and $13.50 for NY Pie.
Hipsters got that kinda money? Dude.

Eric and Katie said...

Yeah, I suppose the interior and location is probably a lot of it, which probably isn't fair, although the rent difference between five points and west nashville is probably dramatic. And five points is a lot more convienient for "after bar" dining. I'm just glad to have a couple of decent pizza places in town.

Anonymous said...

went to the new Pharmacy Restaurant. when greeted after a couple of minutes. we were told that we could not be seated because it was only their second day and they had gotten behind and the kitchen had told them to not seat anyone until they were caught up. i asked why we could not be seated at a table and just get something to drink. he said he couldn't but would seat us at the bar (there were 3 of us but only 2 stools were provided). we were at the bar for about 6 minutes and no server approached us. a couple of people just walked up and got immediate service. i hope this is just a glitch being new and they haven't gotten things worked out. i'll give them a month and give them another try, but first visit was a serious disappointment.

Anonymous said...

You can't expect to walk into a brand new restaurant and expect everything run smoothly. If those were your greatest concerns, then congrats to them!