Sunday, September 4, 2011

Top 3 for Summer 2011

Nashville Restaurants and Food
Top 3 for Summer 2011

It’s been a slow period for new brick and mortar restaurants. The food truck craze is understandable. The mobile stands are less of an investment and less of a risk. Plus if you don’t like the location, you just pick up and move. Hopefully, the more successful food trucks will be able to develop into permanent locations. We do have a few new sit down restaurants to plug in our Top 3 for Summer 2011.

1. The Wild Hare

An inventive and yet comforting menu combined with solid execution make this West Nashville eatery a promising newcomer. There’s plenty of experience at the Wild Hare, both in ownership and in the kitchen. The restaurant has become quite popular, very quickly, and that’s never easy on a new business. We think they’ll handle the crowds and keep growing. The quality and freshness of ingredients stand out in nearly every dish we sampled. Pizzas, salads, sandwiches and sides provide a good variety for almost any taste and enough to give the vegetarian some options as well. We look forward to seeing how that menu grows.

2. Pig and Pie

Pig and Pie is a welcome addition to the local barbecue scene. It takes skill to turn out smoky and tender beef brisket and everything at this West Nashville restaurant gets that kind of attention. It’s no wonder, owner John Hamilton has been doing barbecue for years, and smoked meat has been a fascination in his family for several generations. This may be my new go-to spot for barbecue in Nashville proper.

3. Luna

We’re always up for a new twist on the classic meat and three. Quite frankly it doesn’t even have to be new; just top-notch ingredients and care in the kitchen makes a difference. The folks at Luna on Franklin Pike in the Melrose neighborhood clearly sweat the details. The dishes they turn out are quality southern fare with a nod towards Yankee sensibilities. They’re equally at home with Chicken parmesan and bacon specked green beans. Those green beans are some of the better the Meat Eater has sampled in some time. The only downsides: the menu is teeny-tiny and once stuff sells out- that may be it for the day. We look forward to seeing how they grow.


Anonymous said...

So we were going to go to NY for a family visit. I'm thinking to bring some BBQ. You know, something from "down here"... So I get over to Pig and Pie and they are closed! (gas line repair) Damn. Plan B is to go to another store who is rather well known. I manage to bring home a full rack of dense, dry as wood, ribs and the pulled pork is no better. Better braise it in some motor oil to get it back to life.
If I get a chance I'll send you the letter I sent to their complaint department.


Eric and Katie said...

Nothing sadder than abused pig...