Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Midweek: Downtown Seafood and Printer's Alley Pub

Nashville Restaurants and Food
Midweek: Downtown Seafood and Printer's Alley Pub

The loss of Gulf Pride Seafood from the Nashville Farmers Market a few years back just about killed us. The quality of product and the sheer variety of seafood made many a farmers market trip worthwhile. Now seafood is back at the downtown Farmers Market in the form of the Louisiana Seafood Company. Chris Moran and Robert Draughon run the operation, located where Swett's used to be in the Market House. Right now it's only open Friday through Sunday. The selection is limited next to what Gulf Pride offered, but at least for the fresh shrimp that we bought, the quality is still there. Katie cooked them up in a chipotle sauce over stone ground grits and then baked it all with six year-old cheddar on top. Pretty darn good and the quality of the shrimp stood out. We noticed mahi mahi was also available on the day we visited. We wish you could tell you that their website listed what's available, but it's just getting up and running:  A better bet might be to e-mail them at

Nicki Wood over at the Nashville Scene Bites Blog reports that there is a new pub opening in Printer's Alley in downtown Nashville. The Fleet Street Pub, as the name implies, will have a British theme going and apparently British food to match. It's going to be in the location of the much-beloved and missed Parco Cafe, just off of Church Street in Printer's Alley. They hope to be open later this summer. You can check out the facebook page for updates.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Midweek: Joey's House of Pizza Moving, Farmers Market Shade

Joey's House of Pizza is often cited as one of the best pizza joints in the Nashville area, especially for East Coast-style pie. Now they're reporting on their facebook page that they are closing the Brentwood location and moving to 897 Elm Hill Pike in South Nashville, near I-24 and Murfreesboro Road. It's formerly the home of Elvy's Deli and not that far from Boswell's Harley Davidson. The Nashville Fork blog broke the news, which is devestating to the Brentwood fans and a boon for folks downtown and in East Nashville. Apparently there is no change to the Spring Hill location.

We're glad to report that West Nashville Farmer's Market organizers Good Food for Good People have worked out a deal with the Metro Parks Department and will be able to move the market back to the shaded area under the trees in Richland Park. They had been forced to the other side of the Richland Park Library, with no shade or trees, due to a neighbor complaint. Kudos to Good Food for Good People for overcoming another challenge and keeping one of Nashville's best Farmers Markets thriving in the shade.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Top 3 for Spring 2011

Nashville Restaurants and Food
Top 3 for Spring 2011

Spring was a slow period for restaurant growth in Nashville. The good news is that there seems to be less places closing down and there are a couple of interesting spots that have just opened. We have one standout full-service restaurant and a couple of excellent sandwich joints to talk about for this Spring Top 3 list.

1. Shish Kabob

The falafel alone would rank Shish Kabob of our favorite new joints in Nashville. Hikmat Gazi has created a menu of familiar favorites and more obscure items to explore. Delicate soups with carefully defined flavors, joined with authentic appetizers and a line-up of well-seasoned meats make for an excellent dinner. The falafel is made from an imported spice mixture and the attention to ingredients is clear throughout the restaurant.

2. Sax Deli

There’s something elegant about a well-made sandwich. At best it should be simple, tasty and to the point. Sax Deli understands. Whether it is tender corned beef or the crunch of crispy bacon on top of smoked turkey, the ingredients shine at Sax Deli. The tiny sandwich shop would be welcome anywhere and it’s a real treat in the underserved Hendersonville.

3. Sugar’s Cuban Bakery

The Cuban sandwich seems to be popping up all over the place. The combo of pork roast, ham and cheese, is pressed to a melting consistency. About the best version around can be found at Sugar’s Bakery in Madison. They bake the bread and press the sandwich perfectly for a crisp shell and gooey interior. It’s a great sandwich and the few others on the line-up are quite good as well. They’re promising to expand the menu soon to add new sandwiches and some sides. While you’re in for lunch pick up some of the cookies and a CafĂ© Cubano for a little afternoon wake-up call.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

We've gone mobile

We've just added mobile service to the blog. If you go to this web page from a mobile device you'll automatically get the mobile version. It's a stripped down version with primarily the stories and comments. If you want to use the archive from a mobile device you can click on the "web version" link at the bottom of the page. As always, thanks for reading.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Midweek Odds and Ends: Hare, Chicken and Man

Nashville Restaurants and Food
Hare, Chicken and Man

The Nashville Scene Bites blog is reporting on the opening of the new Wild Hare restaurant in West Nashville. The menu is focused on locally grown and an eclectic mixture of styles. Early eaters Chris Chamberlain from the Scene and Lesley from Lesley Eats report that it will be an informal and fun atmosphere. It sounds like a winning combination to us. You can follow the Wild Hare on their facebook page. Right now they've just opened for lunch, but according to the Scene they do plan evening hours. We're excited to get out there ourselves and will report back soon.

The Wild Hare
316 White Bridge Road

The Nashville Hot Chicken Festival will return to East Park on July 4 for another scorcher of an event. They've added Pepperfire to the line-up, the East Nashville newcomer will serve up hot chicken alongside regulars Princes, Bolton's and 400 degrees. It's free samples for the first 500 people as usual (if you can brave the lines). Among many others Pied Piper Eatery and the Dog of Nashville are listed as vendors. It will be interesting to see what they cook up in the genre. The festival goes from 11am to 3pm and will feature the amateur cooking contest again. As always we expect the Yazoo beer tent to save the day when our brains start melting down due to the sun and all of that spice.

Finally, you've heard it many other places, but we agree it should be amusing to watch Man v. Food guy Adam Richman tonight take on hot chicken at Prince's. He loves the hot stuff and I would imagine that will be interesting at Prince's if he went for full heat. He also heads to Roosters Texas BBQ for that 72 ounce steak stuffing challenge. The Nashville edition of the show airs tonight at 8 p.m. on the Travel Channel.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Midweek odds and ends: El Morro

Nashville Restaurants and Food
Midweek odds and ends: El Morro

Myatt Drive in Madison is the home to a new Cuban restaurant and from appearances the Martin family is making a serious go of this enterprise. While the location is a bit out of the way right now (half-way down Myatt Drive from Rivergate) it will soon be just down the street from a police crime lab and other Metro offices, so perhaps it’s an investment in the future. The interior is more formal and inviting than what we have come to expect from new joints. Dark red linen tablecloths and heavy serving ware are signs that they hope to make this a viable dinner and lunch location. The menu confirms with 17 entrees ranging from Ropa Vieja (the classic Cuban shredded steak) to Enchilado de Camarones Varadero (shrimp in a Cuban tomato sauce). Grilled chicken breast comes to the table with an artistic dash of red paprika and parsley on the plate. The thin-cut breast has a light seasoning and the all-important Congris (dark rice and beans) has an addictive flavor. Sweet plantains are lovely and a bit more reserved in cooking than other places in town. Several sandwiches, soups and lunch entrees round out the authentic menu. As usual with Cuban places there is not much on first read for the vegetarian: sweet potatoes, yucca, plantains and boiled potatoes show some hope. Ask before you order- many Cuban restaurants use chicken and beef broth in cooking veggies and beans.

They’re still getting settled into the room, having just been open a couple of weeks. I’ll happily be back to continue my menu exploration and do a full review. The current hours are listed at 11am to 9pm seven days a week, and as always, check before you go.

El Morro
495 Myatt Drive