Monday, April 30, 2012

Bella Nashville Pizza-Farmers' Market

There's a new restaurant at the Nashville Farmers' Market and we think they'll be doing some big business. Bella Nashville pizza had a soft opening on Sunday night. They're serving a modest menu to begin with, but everything is handcrafted and well considered, right down to the house made sodas and yerba mate tea.

Emma Berkey and Dave Cuomo have a wood fired oven roaring away in the space that used to house Swett's. Those pizzas come out lightning fast (about four minutes). The crust has just a nice little char on the backside and a great chewy/crispy texture. The tomato sauce for the pizza is exceptional and the Veggie Eater says "sprightly". Housemade mozzarella made the Margherita our personal favorite. You must also try the hummus pizza with zatar, toasted nuts, mint and chili oil...zippy, different and delicious. And did we tell you they bake their own sourdough bread for sale (sour and great flavor)! Heck, we're loving this place.

We'll stop now and return for a real review a few weeks down the road once they've had an opportunity to settle in. They'll be officially open on Tuesday and it looks like lunch hours to start with from 11am to 3pm. This is a major addition to the Nashville Farmers' Market. Very exciting. Thanks to Mike and Valerie for the tip and a fun night out.

Dave and Emma are busy might know of their folk/punk accordion/guitar duo Chicken Little. Check them out here.


Rob said...

Very good Pizza! They also have great hand made Sodas.
This is a perfect place for the downtown lunch crowd or tourists. We look forward to going back again.
Rob, Rachel and Diego

Rob said...

Very good Pizza. They also have great homemade sodas and other unique natural drinks. This is a great place for the downtown lunch crowd, tourists and market shoppers. We look forward to going back.
Rob, Rachel and Diego

Kira said...

I ate at Bella Nashville Pizza today for lunch and it was SOOO GOOOD!!! My boyfriend's a vegan and they had a a great hummus pizza. I actually ended up trading a couple of my tasty Margherita pizza slices for his! Yummy! :) (I even texted my brother while I was eating it and told I want to take him here soon.)

Eric and Katie said...

Kira and Rob: yes, we's a real gem. Hopefully we'll get more of this type of handcrafted food at the Farmers' Market in the future. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

The homemade bread is hearty, crusty and real good. My son calls it a butt loaf 'cause it is big and round. Had pizza ther yesterday,,,great, nice people. Had slices of the butt loaf tonight with a little olive oil and fresh ground pepper...loved it. We will make french toast tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Bella Nashville Pizza is really good. I dig the sourdough bread as well, chewy & good crust - just the way it should be. I thought the sauce on the pizza was perfect- my only comment would be that the crust seemed a bit "doughy" for my taste, i think next time i'll ask them to keep it in the oven an extra minute :) excited this has popped up in Nashville.

ps the orange soda is divine.

Anonymous said...

This place is AWESOME! Starting with great friendly service, tasty orange soda and the freshest tastiest pizza in town. The owner Dave was preparing pizzas to order yet engaged me in conversation talking about the incredible crust and making sourdough bread. He even sold me sourdough starter and provided a lot of pointers to this novice baker. Can't wait to go back.