Sunday, September 23, 2012

Peppers and BE Hive

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Peppers and BE Hive

It's a pepper extravaganza at local farmers' markets these days. The West Nashville Farmers' Market even featured a pepper village this weekend, basically a special section of the market for everything pepper. Folks were selling pepper jelly, the infamous ghost peppers, fresh ground pepper and, of course, many varieties of fresh peppers.

We indulged in a wonderful Tofu McBagel crafted by the gentlemen who run BE Hive. It's basically a pop-up restaurant concept with a big emphasis on food awareness They have been doing buffet dinners by taking over the Wild Cow vegetarian restaurant every now and then. The next dinner is Tuesday, September 25 from 4pm to 9pm. They've also been making the rounds of local farmers' markets. The McBagel was better than anything that could ever be had at the golden arches. It's a grilled bagel face bagel with tofu, veggies and an amazing aioli that put it over the top. We look forward to sampling more of the BE Hive veggie specialties in coming weeks.


Lannae said...

Love the BE Hive, wish their desserts were bigger cuz they are so delicious. Loved going when they did every Tuesday. Then I showed up on my BDay for a little BE Hive Bday dinner, and alas they are now down to every other week and my Bday they were closed! Oh I was so sad! Silly Goose had 1 1/2 hr wait, and I really don't like RP across the street. So, it was Jeni's for dinner. Not the most healthiest dinner, but it sure tasted good.