Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stone Fox First Look

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The Stone Fox First Look

Cool, laid back and unpretentious describe the DIY vibe at the Stone Fox, the new bar, restaurant and music club in West Nashville. We had our first look on Saturday and enjoyed the heck out of the place. On this sunny day, with dozens of folks filling the bar, parking lot and beer garden for a PseudoMoto motorcycle event, it felt like a little bit of Austin, Texas had settled in Nashville. Despite the rush, the bar staff kept pace with amazing ability, especially considering the place has only been open for a week. That skill extends to the service and execution in the kitchen. It's a succinct and inventive bar menu with plenty for meat eaters and vegetarians alike. Grilled jackfruit turns out to be an excellent stand-in for pulled pork on the BBQ nachos. The menu describes everything in detail, even down to vegan and gluten-free options. Roasted pumpkin bisque felt right in step with the change in weather.

An eclectic beer selection and a decent set of whiskey and other liquor offerings show them off to a good start. Be sure to check out the excellent Joey's bloody Mary.

Courtney Tidwell opened music at the club last week and there promises to be more quality entertainment in the future. Siblings William and Elise Tyler own the joint. William Tyler is a Nashville alt-music guitar veteran and even has a band with sister Elise. We really appreciate the location of this club. Many have commented that West Nashville is destined for a renaissance and the Stone Fox can help lead the way. We'll be back and have a review once they've had more time to settle in.

The Stone Fox
712 51st Avenue


Lannae said...

Congrats on being Critics Choice! The party was awesome wasn't it?