Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fat Bottom First Look

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Fat Bottom Tap Room

It's great to see Nashville expanding, not so much in size, as in coolness. The latest cool to spread past the traditional hipster limits is the Fat Bottom Brewery at 9th and Main Street in East Nashville. Weiss Liquors has deserved hip neighbors for some time. The Repurposed Fluffo factory provides a nice brick haven for the Fat Bottom Brewery and the tap room in back. The low light, ubiquitous reclaimed wood walls and mellow vibe seems familiar. And yet for a brewery and restaurant the taste will tell the tale. We were most impressed with the gingery wheat ale. The ginger provides the perfect spice and bite to accent a sweet wheat. The black IPA is a fun twist as well. All of these beers tend towards crisp and clear in style, despite some old world classic flavors. They have a decent selection of bar food, elevated in both ingredient and creativity. The blue cheese burger was sweet and gooey to the point of perfection. A falafel-like veggie burger was a creative take on the usual. They serve a well-considered and well-appointed cheese plate. For everything else we will have to return and gladly so. Welcome to the neighborhood Fat Bottom. May your success signal more good things to come for Main Street in East Nashville. Oh, did we mention the beer garden? Get at it while the weather allows.

Fat Bottom Tap Room
900 Main Street