Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tenn Sixteen and Smiley's

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Tenn Sixteen and Smiley's

They put up the front sign for the new Tenn Sixteen Food and Drink Company yesterday. The restaurant is in East Nashville next to Five Points Pizza (it's at 1016 Woodland, thus the name). We're told it will feature a Cajun and Southern inspired menu. The interior looks like it will have a large bar area. And we're told that will include up to 15 beers on draft and cocktails. When asked when they might open, our source simply smiled and said when it's done. Wise, very wise.

Smiley's Soulful Kitchen has closed. After a good initial start things reportedly became haphazard both in the food and service. Las Fiestas is taking over the space on Gallatin Pike.

Sorry we've been away for so long. We have had many family matters to attend to and that hasn't left much time for restaurant trips. We look forward to returning with regular reviews in the New Year. Happy holidays to all!

-Eric and Katie