Sunday, January 27, 2013


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501 Main Street

Update 6/21/13: this restaurant is open only for limited hours and menu while it goes through a concept change.

The expansion of fun spots in East Nashville has been slowly spreading from the Five Points apex. The condos at Fifth and Main had a tough go of it at first, and businesses have had a hard time there as well. The Germantown Café East finally seemed to breakthrough. And then in one very sad weekend the death of co-owner and chef Jay Luther effectively spelled the end of the restaurant. Manny Katz and operating partner Mike Harris have taken over the space to launch Feast. With the condos in the building nearly sold out, perhaps the area will finally be able to take off. Feast even offers a discount to folks in the building. The friendly staff and comfortable surroundings make it a good bet for dinner and drinks.

The interior is slightly updated from the previous space, with the names of East Nashville streets on the back of chairs. The space is opened up and a bit more casual and that lends itself well to the menu. It’s a simple line-up of American bistro-style food. The juicy Feast Burger has a bit of char for that backyard taste. Gorgonzola mac and cheese is a tangy, roux-based version with shells. Combined with a Jackalope Thunder Ann, it’s a satisfying lunch.

Back for dinner and we examine the entrees. The well-seasoned Porterhouse Pork Chop has a unique blueberry poblano sauce that is a pleasant blend of sweet and spicy. The thin chop is a bit dry but otherwise a good dish. Spring rolls come out crisp and cold with snap from carrots. The chili sauce is a bit lackluster. The rough cut fries are tasty and yet a bit soggy at this outing.

Veggie Eater: Feast has at least one veggie friendly item in each category on the menu. I opted for the Neapolitan flat bread. Not sure what I was expecting, as I thought it would be more of a sandwich, but instead got what amounts to a pizza (Meat Eater was amused by my misconception) (considering half the restaurants in this city offer flat bread pizza, it does seem a bit odd-M.E.). The bread itself was a bit bendy-for a pizza, that is. That said, it was loaded with tons of fresh basil, grape tomatoes, pecorino, and drizzled with a balsamic reduction. It was pretty as a picture upon delivery and offered a remembrance of summer during the middle of winter. With an app, it made a filling meal. The menu is reasonably priced and the restaurant and bar offer a space that looks trendy, but manages to be cozy at the same time.

Meat Eater: I think despite a few missteps they’re off to a good start. We’ll be interested in where they go in the future. It does seem like the right cross of quality and casual for the neighborhood. We paid $59 with tax and tip for a dinner visit with drinks. I paid $18 for a lunch visit with a beer.

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matthew said...

Glad to see you making regular posts again.

Eric and Katie said...

Thanks, Matthew-we're hoping 2013 is a little less chaotic and we can get back to what we love-the adventure of eating our way through our adopted home town. Viva Nashville!

Justeat said...

Glad You guys came back, This one would be the great article for a veggie like me..