Sunday, October 20, 2013

Peg Leg Porker

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Peg Leg Porker
903 Gleaves Street
It’s rare to see a neighborhood go from ghost town to bustling urban center overnight. The Gulch has finally lived up to the hype and moved from empty condo land to a real neighborhood. Now the question is what will be the personality of the Gulch. We know what Five Points and Hillsboro Village feel like- how about the Gulch? It seems as if there are two Gulch personalities- the corporate, chain Gulch and the cool, indie Gulch. Alright, so there’s not much question where our hopes lie: Yazoo Brewing, the Turnip Truck, Watermark, and the Station Inn are good examples. Let’s add Peg Leg Porker to that list. The barbecue restaurant is fun, well-staffed and most importantly- they know how to serve the pig.
The pulled pork at Peg Leg Porker is one of the best examples in Nashville. It’s moist, smoky and comes with a little char. Ribs are lacking juiciness on this particular day. I ordered them dry and the house barbecue sauce is quite good, so perhaps a wet order would be the best bet. Hot wings come out very mild. It’s a super-tangy tomato based sauce with smoke. They come uncut, so pull them apart and dig in. They’re tender and tasty. The blue cheese on the side is lackluster. A house-made version might pep things up a bit.
Sides do well at Peg Leg. The mac and cheese is excellent. Big shells are covered up in a sticky cheese sauce and then baked. It’s a small cup for $1.95. The smoky barbecue beans are loaded up with pork, peppers and onion.  Crinkle cut fries are crispy. I manage to drag along the Veggie Eater on one trip and she orders the BBQ nachos with the meat on the side. Needless to say there is not much one can review about that.
The big draw for the Veggie Eater and a unique aspect of Peg Leg is the bar. It elevates Peg Leg from sit-down food joint to an actual party spot. They make an awesome bloody Mary and the bar staff is personable and welcoming. Heck, if we had a choice, Peg Leg might be our Gulch option for a drink or two, barbecue or not.
I must conclude with the “why can’t we all get along” speech, primarily aimed at myself. There is no doubt that Yazoo and Turnip Truck are just as much of a draw for the condo dwelling crowd as the new corporate bars. I guess we’re just hoping that we can see more indie, funky, cool in the Gulch to keep the balance.
We paid $40 with three bloody Marys, tax and tip. I paid $22 for a solo visit with a beer.  You can eat much cheaper than that if you go with the lunch special.
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David Henley said...

I love Peg Leg Porker! Thanks for the review.

Anonymous said...

Every single person I have talked to mentions the crappy portion size on the sides what is the deal with that?

The place does have a fun atmosphere