Sunday, November 17, 2013

Jumbo and Delicious

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Jumbo and Delicious
115 Walton Ferry Road

The steadfast burger has gone through a glitzy makeover in the last few years. It seems that everyone has dressed up the American staple and jazzed the flavor with interesting condiments and grass fed beef. There’s something to be said for great ingredients. But does the burger need to be so damn fancy? There’s nothing fancy about Jumbo and Delicious and yet the restaurant lives up to it’s name.

You gotta have a sense of humor to name a place Jumbo and Delicious and that’s certainly the case with the owner and one-man wonder Ayman. On my first visit he asks if is my first time. I say yes and that I have heard good things. He responds flatly- I pay people to say that. On the second visit I order the lamb burger and when he brings it out he makes lamb sounds as he puts it down on the table. It’s a happy, cozy, hole in the wall with just a few tables and barely room for a line. Which can be problematic, because the joint is popular with the lunch crowd.

The namesake burger comes in either regular fashion or stuffed. The stuffed means cheese wedged in the middle. I go wild and order the ¾ pound stuffed with cheddar and provelone. Burgers are hand-patted when you order and then cooked to order. About 15 minutes later the monster arrives. It is in fact jumbo and delicious; an unwieldy, juicy backyard-style burger that you might make yourself after a few too many beers. The bun can’t handle the weight and the condiments, which makes for a messy, flavorful, and satisfying lunch. Don’t order the ¾ pound unless you have been on a starvation diet. The half-pound is plenty enough. The handcut fries are simple, fresh and feature a light fry.

The next visit brings that lamb burger. It’s cooked in a more traditional style- still quite juicy and thick. Lamb makes for any Earthy burger and if you like that flavor it’s a nice break from the usual beef. Once again that bun can’t handle the juciness and it falls apart. Sweet potato fries are thick cut and hearty.

The best part of this downhome goodness is the price. You’ll get a huge burger, fries and a drink for $10 including tax and a generous tip. You can’t beat that. The menu has had some Middle Eastern items on it, but the burgers are dominating the trade, so he doesn’t offer some of the pastry and grape leaf dishes he did initially. The burgers are clearly the stars. Ayman still offers some sub and sandwich options. He has rave reviews for his unusual take on a Reuben and the steak sandwich.

I love this Hendersonville strip mall, which is located just off of Main Street on Walton Ferry Road. The popular Sax Deli started in this Jumbo and Delicious location before heading for larger property in Hendersonville. Just down the strip you’ll find Portside Java Coffee Roasters, the fabulous Moore’s Fried Chicken and my new favorite business name- Thank God Donuts.
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estralitadiva said...

Sounds yummy, but obviously nothing for the veggie eater here, correct? thanks for your blog; I love it.

estralitadiva said...

Obviously nothing for the veggie eater here, correct? Sound yummy; love the blog, thanks for all.

Eric and Katie said...

estralitadiva: yes, sorry. I would imagine he would be nice enough to try to come up with a fancy grilled cheese or something, but with the Middle Eastern items off the menu there would be little left except for fries. This place is quite meaty, I wouldn't take the Veggie Eater here (she would have been especially appalled at the lamb sounds).