Saturday, December 14, 2013

Flour. Sugar. Eggs

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Flour. Sugar. Eggs
1201 5th Avenue North
The humble quiche doesn’t get enough recognition. It also tends to stay in a rather narrow style. Flour. Sugar. Eggs has a unique quiche that is worth a visit for that alone. It has an uber-creamy, almost custard-like interior with a crackling brown baked top. It’s a real treat. That style stays the same over several variations- Quiche Lorraine is a regular menu item and they have daily specials.
This tiny bakery/coffee shop/restaurant in Germantown doesn’t have tons of items on the menu. What they do, they do well. That extends to sandwiches. The bacon sandwich is thick, crunchy bacon, sriacha mayo, Swiss cheese and tomato-the house baked Panini bread puts it over the top. You can add a Cobb or Greek salad or a cup of the delicate roasted tomato soup to round out a satisfying lunch.
The bakery items include filled croissants (Goat cheese, bacon and egg, chocolate), creative scones (chocolate-coconut anyone?) and cookies. As one would hope with a bakery, those cookies live up to expectations. The peanut butter version is excellent- moist, dense and delicious. Pair a bakery item with a cup of espresso or coffee and you have a nice breakfast.
The interior is cozy and a bit cramped when they get busy. They only have three tables inside. Outside seating is an excellent option in warmer weather.
Veggie Eater: As noted by the meat eater, what brought us here was the quiche. We had the good fortune of sampling the quiche at Octoberfest and it brought us back for more. The quiche of the day is often a veggie option (caramelized onion and goat cheese was all one could hope for).  The sandwiches are straightforward affairs, which are made with fresh ingredients and elevated by the homemade bread options, Panini or croissant.  The ingredients of the caprese sandwich are complemented by the pressed Panini.  The pimento cheese is a tangy, chunky affair, which did well paired with the crispy and flakey croissant.  This is a good place to pop in and grab a sandwich if you’re on the go, or kick back, relax, and people watch for a bit outside. 
Meat Eater: This burgeoning section of Germantown, surrounding the long-time Germantown CafĂ©, is really feeling like a neighborhood these days. They’re open seven days a week and at this writing 7 a.m. to 7p.m. Those hours may make them a neighborhood staple, if they are not already. We paid $18 for lunch with tax and tip on one visit and $21 on another visit.

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